2014During the tour of the year from April to May ♪

Although it was stagnant in can not be logged in the convenience of this place server, finally back!
Live report blog

5Live schedule in the month following. After June will continue to up sequentially Live schedule.

★ May 10 (Sat) Iwakuni Rock Country 18:30/19:00
Performance of one hour for the unveiling live
★ May 11 (Sun) Wu CarouseLambra 17:30/18:00
It is a super luxurious Zeppelin night!
★ May 15 (Thursday) is of Kobe back beat 20:30 and later appeared.
★ May 16 (gold) Osaka Esaka sound shop cafeteria 19:00/20:00
Ken salmon roe of guitar & fiddle&It is a joint with your two-way Kimura Haruyo!
★ May 17 (Sat) Iga Ueno Lifelong Learning Center
Guitar workshop & Live (undetermined time, etc.)
★ May 18 (Sun) Nagoya Imaike Little Village 18:30/19:00
Is the coupling of the Nagoya-born Mie Imai & Kenny!

In later Live information

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