3March 19 & 20 & 22

3Month on the 19th Chavez Meguro shop Candle Night Live By Sonic Cafe

3Ryuji Fujita in 20 days a month Itabashi Nishidai(Rukupuru)Events

Visiting our was everyone, officials of everyone, Thank you.

Fujio from Onomichi Inoue (SAX)Was between Sonic cafe of welcoming the guest.
What did you think?

Candle Night is next October 2 (water)

Also we are going to live of facing a special guest next time.








20I played one song solo in the event of the day. Many of the actors was a fun event to have.
Next time, but my appearance is undecided, this time I want to do the Fujita-san and Duo.









And the 22nd guitar from 21:00 at the chicken shack of Fussa Duo
It appeared in the Ore-Cub.

Those near you by all means!

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