Duo with tabla maestro& Electric Hindi Orchestra

Festival of India, has appeared in Yoyogi Park.

Ashokupande's tabla player.

Ashok Pandey with Seki Show

There is only truly national players, great players go Guigui was sharp.

Playing music, in addition to improvisation, Burung, tea was also doing Kokiriko section.

The Itadake excited, come to India, was told, somehow my face in the image already has value w is an Indian Poi

One hour later, when invited to this event, the group name came up

Playing Electric Hindi Orchestra.

In that there is only minimal acoustic equipment, a simple song, performed by the configuration.

A total of three other songs techno version of Burung. I like the Zeppelin song tea is something. w

Fellow members have been playing regularly.

K. Kariya (B)、Tommy G(Sax)Jiang Ling Nai (vln)、cub(AG)

In the photo image is AZI live painting and Bollywood (Indian film), Ayako-chan is dancing at chuck.
Painting has performed live in front unlike we arrange, 見Remasen did what I had been playing in, Burung(Birds) did!

Then, the curtain is closed disco competition in India. Next year, Indonesia 出Nakya Festa (laughs)


  1. ダンネワッド(あってますか?w) Ayakoさん。

  2. Good work every Sunday ★ It is AYAKO of Bollywood dancer.,,ja,My eyes glowing but is it okay? Sweat,,ja,Even if SEKI SHOW did it anyhow, I tried searching lol,,ja,I am honored to be able to join you again next time ♪,,ja


    SEKI SHOWさんがどーしても気になって、検索してみました 笑


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