Nagoya TOKUZO overcrowded! Thank you


People who have come to see, thank you.
I had been standing, I'm sorry.

TOKUZO beyond the recruitment of the last in the overcrowded rock chanson suddenly.

Ensure there is said to be evil like the Nagoya Institute of Songs(Laugh)

But no such relationship not.

Live Songs OSU Club Band 6 th, the chanson rock entertainment.

Songs in the flashy loud electric guitar.

This, I'd like to do in Tokyo.

Hymn of Love, the crowd Rabianrozu, Oh Champs others.

極Metsuke encore.

QUEEN Freddie Mercury's Barcelona, ​​Shinichiro 蔵島&Sang the soprano Hiromi Yamada.

People to cover it live, never seen Desho?

Songs not but I(Laugh)
Nice customer's&Thanks to the members proud.

Times coming back to wa.
Before that, Acoustic Songs&What Gokiso made in November 03 and the metal.

Maki&蔵島 and Yarimasu.


And tomorrow, ORE guitar DUO-CUB&In the armadillo in Yarimasu Henry. TOMMY G's welcomed the guest, first live in Nagoya.

Have fun!

The image at a later date ♪

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