7Moon Live in plan of Bali decision ♪,ja

7月8日サヌール・ラーメンゴンタ2 夜19:30から3ステージ・・・SaxのTommyGさんとの演奏、ソロギター、そしてバリ島在住ミュージシャンも交えてのムサコセッション・だだくさセッションのバリ島バージョンのような雰囲気になるかと思います。Free!

Details such as time TBD. Decided upon, then up on the site.

Bali has a guitar that can explain or talk to the music of Indonesia. . The second half will live. Free!

As I already mentioned last year is not cast in the Bali Art Festival. So very much. w
Many live closer Yarimasu at these in reverse.

Then try to visit in Japan!

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