Thanks Yotsuya skylight

★ Rocca everyone coming to live Frankenstein, thank you.
This event was sponsored by their carefree Janakatta us a long time since. w

Pure rock-sponsored event that cann / goo.
Chan Tapiko the can / goo, pop-chan is a friend of 20 years and soon! !

What really goes. . .
In the time gap between professional and amateur, like everyone, we have both the joys and sorrows.



Roca set list Hula ★
I love you for Tsu Piki cold (old songs!)
During my life
Flee life
I laughed Mom
The other two cover songs.

Short trip around the world and music, do you also have Doctor 遊Bimashita familiar corner. w

Raibuibe now full of fun songs to the guests to participate can / goo.

Hula ★ Roca enters recording period now.

We also announced on stage, backstage during the July 23 Meguro (and a while) Jawa Candle Night Live in the Bali and my instruments, kalimba and groups,

Velocity Coffee Bar (Sonc cafe)Instruments that are organized in groups and Java, Seki Show & Beautiful sisters(Chantix Sisters) is a live CHAMPLE.

Reservations, please mail your name from the state the number of contacts.

Ta-ta for now you at the venue!

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