7Live up to the moon Bali tour,ja

Summers are very busy, until it covers a wide range because the recording is there and chill a lot.
Live Information Main,

May 15 5 ★ (days) Yotsuya skylights Takadanobaba, Rocca ★ Frankenstein live.
Happy 10th anniversary skylights! To Nokkatsu event can / goo project event first step! "PURE ROCK FES 2011"
19Start time

After a long absence, or rather the first band of friends, can / goo We had a lot together.
I used to play guitar in their songs, it will also try.

Wednesday, August 6 ★ (Fri) Takezou Koyama Musakosesshon AGAIN
Musako lives (although some people do not Well w) by professional musicians, live Musakobando session.
You have my opponents who play a musical instrument anyone!

★ & Circus Singing Voice Acoustic Session
6月18日&7月25日唄声セッション・・・アコースティック・サーカスやギターDuo Ore-cub等で演奏します。

★7月22日(金)恵比寿駅前BAR  アコースティック・サーカスLive 19:30スタート
We had a lot along with another bossa nova-based groups.

Way so, I have a lot. .
Is scheduled for June 4 in Nagoya further.

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