Candle Night Live How are you feeling?

Returned from Bali.

Beyond that, once the live recording ready, we arrange another live in July, I was pretty busy.

By the way, I decided to come home full of early gigs. The first island chain, from the introduction of Candle Night.

March 21 (Good)

Candle Night Live ~ Hermitage they Kashiwa Bra - Bali Guide
If Tiba Kashiwa Hermitage Bra

Start time at 17 Open/18
Charge 1000 yen! (Thank you your order)


2-5-14 Kashiwa, Kashiwa, Chiba Tiyoda Plaza 1F
3 minutes walk from Kashiwa Station East Exit ticket Hiroshi Naka

Web flyer here

Candle Night Java
The sound noble and peace - Java -
Music: sonic coffee aisle Ozawakumi(Surondin) Higuti Nami (Kundan)

3500 yen Reservation required(With Indonesian Food)

We accept the hotel.

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