Roppongi live in the New World is packed with customers, Kawamura Tadaharu Susukino artist's light, and the stage was adorned with leaves and light, and proceeded Mattari in the stadium.

The event title, cat kotatsu.

This time, the shop attached to it is not my Event Producers. As the title, but feel the event went underway in Mattari the second half, DJ kujun's drumming, I also got off the island colors, or to become Rokkuteisuto, I excited(Laugh)
This time, CD in addition to songs, or improvise on the spot with a title, Makurimashita play.

Far away beyond the planned capacity, It has become more standing room, I'm sorry.

Next time, we have candles in the temple is Bra Night Live oak.

And live in the New World to enjoy it and think it will taste different

thanks for everyboby

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