Today is my birthday.

At the same time the date has changed, mail, messages, and the people who like gifts, thank you really.

It is extremely happy.

Mobile e-mail from people I know of course, I also congratulate 戴Keru to never ever met who is thrilled!

There was a live three times in the past few days, first

Last year, hula was revived ★ Roca nine years. 3 live acoustic solo live in has continued at a rate of once every four months.

Tatami kun kun always welcome waiting from the cafeteria space theater unit, chanson, sometimes guitar, accordion Timo, DOCTOR corner, increasing number songs, etc, and
More and more unique direction, we have established routes.

The next priority for the recording, will still live, but I think I'll shimmer in the spring

If you have not even seen yet, I want to come to embody this fun and entertainment.

I wrote a blog the other day, there is a surprise BIRTHDAY double, cake machine translation of the image.

Yu-Suke his cake chef restaurant space.

At the same time, and Yusuke's birthday a few days later&Tatami kun and surprise.
HAPPY became an overnight everyone.

Since one foot in the theater industry for 23 years, more and more seamless, I would like to create a fun place.

Hula ★ Roca, dining space, Ebisu Station BAR, Sir, thank you!
Roca ★ YOUTUBE footage of available infrastructure.

Please search for ID showkun99.


3 Replies to “Thanks!”

  1. 愛知にいるよ

  2. おおお~~~~元気??この間名古屋で蔵島と、久基どうしているんだろう、って話していたばかりだったんだよ!

  3. お誕生日おめでとうございます&お久しぶりです!




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